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Is this the site of King Arthur’s Camelot?

Although, as yet, experts cannot agree whether King Arthur actually existed, or whether he is a mythological character, there is no doubt that many places in Shropshire fit the descriptions of the accepted stories.

This tour visits these places which match the descriptions and guests will be told  the facts and fiction.

As we travel around the County we will pass, or visit, several other places of interest.

We start with a visit to the site and remains of Camelot, before following the River Severn to the Abbey, where the Treasures of Wales are hidden. Next is the hill cave  where the treasures of England are kept in the Cauldron of Diwrnach, before driving through some unspoilt and unchanged countryside to a stone circle where the Sword was drawn from the stone. Our next stop is the site of Arthur’s last battle before we cross into Wales for lunch.

We will now visit the ancient fort which was Guinevere’s home, before a short stop at a Castle, where a descendant of Arthur lived in the 13th century.   Finally, we visit Arthur’s burial site before returning to Shrewsbury.

Why this area is more likely to be the land’s of King Arthur that other claimant’s, will be explained during the tour.